Local Groups

Finding Support

EC is easier within a community. To learn more about what EC is (and isn't!), and to find other families to be part of your own EC community, DiaperFreeBaby provides the following resources:

*An Online Community
*Local Groups with Active Mentors
*Consultant Mentors

Read more about each of these below!

Our Online Community

Since its inception, DiaperFreeBaby has relied on Yahoo!Groups to facilitate the online aspects of the many Local Groups we have around the world. The Mentors listed in the countries at the right side of your screen can connect you with the Yahoo!Group near you, if one exists. We encourage you to join such a group.

However, we are currently transitioning away from these disparate Yahoo!Groups towards one centralized online community, hosted by BigTent. You may wish to join us there as well: www.DiaperFreeBabyOnline.org. Eventually, all Yahoo!Groups will be closed and all Local Group online activity will happen at this site. But for now, the best way to participate in DiaperFreeBaby's online communities is to join both groups. We hope to have completed the move by the end of 2011.

Local Groups

DiaperFreeBaby supports Local Groups all over the world who meet regularly online or in person. These meetings and discussions are facilitated by approved Active DiaperFreeBaby Mentors who are committed to helping new families discover the joy and benefits of practicing Elimination Communication. Meetings cover a variety of topics including (but not limited to):

* Newborns/early months
* Starting with an older baby
* Nighttime
* Potty pauses
* Helpful supplies

To continue to a listing of Local Groups in your area, please click the appropriate link for your country, province or state in the menu to the right.

Local Groups also often organize playdates or other informal get-togethers for the purpose of building community. A Mentor is not required to be at these gatherings, but they may not be advertised outside of the Local Group as DiaperFreeBaby events.

Consultant Mentors

Some areas do not have a Local Group, but do have Consultant Mentors who are available to talk with you via phone or email to support you in your EC journey.

Media Requests

DiaperFreeBaby welcomes requests from the media regarding Elimination Communication and our organization. We would greatly appreciate all requests be placed by contacting our Public Relations Manager.

Our Mentors are expected to refer all media requests and contacts to the DiaperFreeBaby Public Relations Manager. Thank you for your cooperation.